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What to Look for in Aluminum Profile Manufacturers before Hiring Them?

When searching for the best aluminum profile manufacturers, there are several important things to consider. By going through an initial research process, identifying the right company for your specific needs will be much easier. Regardless if the aluminum profiles will be used by your company or incorporated into your products for consumers, perfection is always the goal.


Hiring a reputable manufacturer gives you confidence that the materials come from trusted aluminum profile manufacturer and that highly trained and experienced professionals perform all work. The best manufacturers can create perfect aluminum profiles for virtually every application.

  • Company History – For both standard and customized aluminum profiles, experience counts. Therefore, search for “aluminum suppliers near me” who have years of industry-related experience. In fact, you may want to look at manufacturers who also extrude other metals, plastics, and other materials, as you may have additional needs in the future.
  • Capacities – Look for manufacturers with strong capabilities, such as RAM pressure of 1,250 to 4,000 tons, a maximum extrusion profile that ranges from 6 to 10 inches, and a maximum extrusion length of 72 feet. You also want to check for dimensional, material, and chemical certifications and RoHs and ISO 9001:2008 compliance. In addition, look for manufacturers with testing capabilities for aluminum profiles that include tensile strength, hardness, and surface finish.
  • Aluminum Profile Manufacture – Obviously, the extruded process for manufacturing aluminum profiles is critical to the outcome, but so is the material used. Therefore, only consider manufacturers that use the highest-quality aluminum alloys, such as 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6065, and 6463.
  • Products and Applications – Make sure that the manufacturers on your short list can produce the type of products that you need and for your specific applications. For instance, a manufacturer should be able to produce standard and custom aluminum structural shapes, angles shapes, rods, tubular shapes, and bars.
  • Additional Services – As your own company grows, there is a good chance that your needs will change, reaching beyond aluminum profiles. Rather than spread work out among multiple manufacturers, it is better to have an established relationship with one manufacturer that can do it all. This might include design and engineering, assembly, labeling, packaging, shipping, aluminum fabrication, aluminum finishing, rotary deburring, and aluminum machining using aluminum CNC turning and CNC milling.


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