RPM Industries LLC


RPM Industries serves a diverse range of markets and applications. Automotive and Recreation – DLO (Day light opening) seals, and lens gaskets. Architectural – glazing gaskets, door sweeps, window seals, and setting blocks. Building and Construction – Edge seals, lighting seals, and expansion joint seals. Rubber and Silicone extrusion is a process of continuous cure whereby the raw material is custom mixed and formulated to called-out customer specifications or a ASTM, SAE, UL, or Mil Spec standards.


RPM Industries offers secondary valued added services to our Rubber and Silicone extruded products which include coiling, cut to length, taping and end joining (splicing and vulcanization).

RPM Industries offers rubber and silicone extrusions that meet dense rubber ASTM D2000 classification and closed cell sponge rubber ASTM D1056 classification as well as SAE, UL, and MIL spec classification.

is mostly used in exterior applications requiring UV with temperature ranges between +300 F to -55 F. Common uses are water seal gaskets, window seal gaskets, door gaskets, weather seal gaskets, and lens gaskets.

is used in applications requiring resistance against oil, and fuels. Neoprene’s are flame, oil and water resistant, and are valued for its high tensile strength and resilience. Neoprene is resistant to degradation by oxygen and ozone.

is used in applications where stretch and rebound are needed. Polyisoprene is a complete natural rubber substitute. Polyisoprene is valued for its flexing, abrasion and good recovery.

is commonly used in high abrasion and wear applications examples include; tires, motor mounts, wire and cable applications, and flooring.

is recommended for applications requiring temperature ranges between 100 F through 450+ F. Silicone is UV stable and is FDA compliant. Common uses are appliance gaskets, oven gaskets, dish washer gaskets, and refrigeration gaskets.

is the preferred material for oil resistance. With higher resistance than natural rubber to oils and fuels it is commonly used in applications including hydraulic hoses, seals for fuel containment, O rings, grommets, sponges and expanded foams.