RPM Industries LLC

About RPM Industries

RPM Industries, is a leading manufacturer of aluminum, plastic and rubber extrusions and moldings. With several manufacturing sites located throughout the United States. We provide a full service from product design concepts, prototyping to finished product. We offer engineering services and assistance in material selection to meet your needs.

RPM Industries, was founded with the objective of becoming the leader in the extrusion and molding industry. Our integrated manufacturing plants, offer our customers the ability to single source many of their aluminum, rubber, and plastic manufacturing needs.

Standard extrusion tooling dies are available for aluminum, rubber and plastic angles, channels, hollow tubes, and solid bar stock. RPM Industries waives tooling charges when extrusions are produced by use of RPM Industries standard tooling.

At RPM Industries, we pride ourselves on building relationships together to learn about each of our unique businesses and offer ourselves as a resource for our customers to learn about the manufacturing processes we provide. We have found this approach to foster positive results and create synergy between ourselves and our customers helping grow each other’s business together.

No job too small. RPM Industries does not discriminate on the size of the project you are working on or the size of your company. We work with the inventors, small to mid-size companies to very large companies.

Research and Developed is a top priority at RPM Industries. We work closely and collaboratively with our raw material suppliers, tooling engineers, and machine manufacturers to provide a framework to position ourselves on the leading edge of new industry developments. RPM Industries is always advancing it knowledge of new processes and new materials to continue to offer its customers new and innovative ways to conceptualize and manufacture new products.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (440) 268-8077