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What Is the Most Popular Plastic Molding?

A plastic molding company doesn’t provide just one service but many. Especially those with high-tech equipment, superior-quality raw materials, and skilled experts, they can accomplish just about anything. For that reason, reputable injection molding companies produce parts and components for a broad range of industries. Although they might specialize more in one area than another, they can meet the demands of virtually every customer.

As a perfect example, the best manufacturers provide custom plastic molding solutions for the medical sector. In this case, they can create parts that surgeons implant in patients. These companies also make products for the automotive industry. Whether bumpers for the exterior of vehicles or trim on the inside, they provide customers with precision products.

Common Applications

While there are many more than mentioned, the following examples show what a plastic molding company can accomplish. Keep in mind that each of these applications requires a unique manufacturing process, one based on the customer’s specifications.

Blow Molding

Injection molding companies use this process for making products with hollow interiors. This includes bottles for water, soda, juice, milk, and cooking oil. Other examples include peanut butter jars, storage containers, specimen containers, and the list goes on. Experts use the blow molding process for manufacturing one-piece hollow objects.

This is also the preferred method for high-volume production. As a process for custom plastic molding solution, the manufacturer controls the thickness of the wall and uniformity.

Injection Molding

This too is a common method for plastic molding, especially for producing superior-quality and high-volume products. Of all the techniques that injection molding companies used, this one is by far the most versatile. That’s why so many industries depend on it.

With this, manufacturers can produce precision parts used in the medical field. They can also make complex products for automotive, aviation, transportation, and aerospace industries. Not only that, but a reputable plastic molding company uses many different types of plastic resins and additives, further expanding the customer’s options.

Extrusion Molding

For custom plastic molding, the extrusion process is yet another top choice. This is the method that manufacturers use for creating long, hollow, and formed products. Included are things like pipes, tubing, and even drinking straws. Unlike other processes that use a mold to dictate the size and shape of the finished product, extrusion uses a die.

Compression Molding

Especially for large finished products, compression molding is ideal. With this, a heated plastic material goes into a heated mold. That material is then compressed into the desired shape. For thermosetting resins, reinforced plastics, fiberglass, and other high-strength compounds, this is the technique that experts rely on.

Full-scope Solutions

Whether you need custom plastic molding that’s injected, compressed, blown, or extruded, RPM Industries is your most trusted source. For 75 plus years, we have proudly served valued customers just like you. When you need a precision product at a competitive price, give us a call.