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Unique Applications that Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers Can Accommodate

While some of the products that rubber extrusion manufacturers make are relatively straightforward, others are quite unique. After all, every customer is different and for that reason, they all have distinct requirements. Whether you currently have parts and components made using the rubber extrusion process or you plan to in the future, looking at some of the more unique applications might give you ideas as to other ways you could benefit from this technique.

Keep in mind that if you need a “one-off” or customized product made, you want to identify the most trusted and respected rubber extrusion companies. From there, you can compare the capabilities of each to narrow the choices down to one. Although this process is not overly complicated, you do not want to waste your valuable time dealing with one poorly made product after another. Instead, you want to hire a manufacturer that does the work correctly the first time.

Perhaps one of the more unique applications involving the rubber extrusion process is the making of components used by the various branches of the military. Especially for soldiers in the field, the finished products must withstand both low- and high-temperature extremes. The military also requires durability and long-lasting parts and components.

Some examples of the things the military relies on include hatch cover gaskets, door seals, silo hatch seals, and watertight seals used specifically for support vehicles, aircraft, submarines, ambulances, ships, tanks, and even field hospitals. The fact is that for military personnel, the quality of the product that rubber extrusions manufacturers provide could make the difference between life and death.

Another unique application is for space exploration and missions. You may not realize it, but the top rubber extrusion manufacturers work with the aerospace industry in making an assortment of unique parts and components. These include clamp cushions, cable jacketing, and tubing, along with the same products used by military personnel in the way of hatch seals, watertight seals, and so on.

Remember, for the rubber extrusion process, manufacturing companies offer a variety of raw materials such as butyl rubber, neoprene, polyisoprene, PVC, silicone, EPDM, nitrile rubber, and Fluoroelastomer. That combined with cutting-edge machinery allows them to produce just about anything, big or small. Of course, along with a myriad of unique applications are those that people use every day.

As an example, rubber extrusion companies commonly create things like connectors, mandrel-formed hoses, drain tubes, exhaust collars, pump discharge hoses, door and window seals, plus more. Some of the additional products include vibration reducers, pressure switch tubing, and cabinet seals. With so much diversity, manufacturers can accommodate the needs of virtually every industry.

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