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Types of Rubber Used for Making Rubber Extrusions Products

For rubber extrusions, a top manufacturing company produces finished products that benefit multiple industries. With this process, an expert creates rubber extrusion shapes based on your specifications. The process involves extrusions, which are parts that get forced through a die of the required cross-section using pressure produced by the extrusion machine.


Depending on the size of rubber extrusions profiles, manufacturing consists of either coils or straight lengths of material that are then cut based on the product. This process results in products like cords, tubing, seals, door gaskets, electrical enclosure seals, window glazing gaskets, and a host of others things.


For rubber extrusions profiles, a manufacturing company uses several different types of rubber, including both natural and synthetics. The most common types include thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastics, and polymers like neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, natural/SBR, butyl, Viton, hydrogenated nitrile, and silicone.


The environment to which the finished product is exposed is one of the primary criteria for choosing the rubber material. In other words, the manufacturer considers weathering, solvent resistance, resilience, extreme temperatures, and a host of other things when determining the type of rubber to use.


Regarding rubber extrusion shapes, the manufacturer can achieve superior results for both standard and customized orders. For this, various cross sections such as rectangles, squares, cord shapes, triangular, and more are used. In fact, for added compression when making seals, the manufacturer can produce hollow sections of the same profile. As for the profile’s size, this depends on the size of its cross-section along with the size of the extruder’s head.


Extruded products are essential for many different applications for multiple industries, such as the marine, pharmaceutical, food, mass transit, automotive, appliance, aircraft, and aerospace industries among many others. As an example, rubber extrusions are made into ship wiper blades, hatch seals, service vessel fenders, and watertight door seals used in the marine industry.


By working with a reputable rubber extrusion manufacturer, you will get the finished product you need. You can provide drawings or work with a skilled design team for assistance. You will also provide critical information about the dimensions, including tolerance, environmental conditions, applications, and a host of other things so that the manufacturing company can produce a precision product.


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