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Specifying Tips for Aluminum Fabrication

For a manufacturer to produce custom aluminum extrusions, it depends on the specifications provided by the customer. It doesn’t matter the form – written details, a CAD drawing, blueprints, or something different. The expert relies on what’s provided to make the correct extruded aluminum shapes and sizes. That means if customers want a precision part or component, it’s critical for them to specify the details accurately.

The challenge is that while some organizations have an internal team who works with computerized drawings and blueprints, many smaller companies don’t have that same luxury. For those businesses, the tips provided for specifying information with aluminum extrusion manufacturers will help.

Accurate Drawings

If you don’t have anyone in-house capable of producing drawings for the custom aluminum extrusions you need, then work with a manufacturer that has a design team. The accuracy of the drawings plays a critical role in the quality and cost of the finished product. It can also impact delivery.

For instance, say you provide a drawing with inaccurate details. Believing your specifications are correct, the manufacturer makes the part or component. However, only after completing the work is the error identified. Not only does someone have to redo the drawings, but you should also have them tripled checked for accuracy. Due to the error, the manufacturer has to start the production process over. As a result, there’s a delay in the delivery of the finished product.

Tolerances and Dimensions

It’s also important for you to correctly specify both the tolerances and dimensions of what you need to fabricate. Make sure the person working on your specifications has extensive knowledge of the product and its application. For one thing, it’s essential to know the correct sizes and extruded aluminum shapes required. Even more importantly, you need to specify the correct angles and tolerances. Even being off slightly can prove disastrous.

Drawing Versions

Another tip for specifying what you need regarding custom aluminum extrusions is to provide the manufacturer with the final version of your drawing as opposed to an initial draft. This simple decision will prevent changes during the actual production process. Especially without a lot of experience, it’s relatively easy to accidentally send the fabrication company the wrong copy.

Materials and Finishes

When it comes to custom aluminum extrusions, manufacturers offer a broad range of raw materials and finishes. Remember, every application is unique. For example, some components need an electric or thermal application while others require a more malleable material. It all comes down to what the product’s for, which is what you need to specify to the fabrication company. When you do business with a reputable business, you’ll have assistance with this so that ultimately, you choose the appropriate material and finish.

Professional Assistance

At RPM Industries, we work closely with our customers. Before starting the fabrication process, we gather all the pertinent information needed to ensure we produce a precision product at a competitive price. As one of the most trusted aluminum extrusion manufacturers, we’re here to help streamline the fabrication process. Call today to speak with a team expert.