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Points to Remember Before Hiring Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers

Before hiring plastic injection molding manufacturers, there are a number of things to consider. These manufacturers use a special injection molding process for mass producing a part, component, or product. Regardless if just 100 or thousands of items are required, these manufacturers can get the job done.

Especially if you need custom plastic molding, consider each of the points mentioned below.

  • Prior Work – Before signing on with any manufacturer, you need to evaluate prior work. Never be afraid to ask for samples, as well as recommendations. Remember, while these manufacturers may all perform similar work, the quality is not necessarily of the same caliber. Therefore, look over the manufacturer’s portfolio and contact several previous customers to get a feel for their experience.
  • The Right Fit – Especially if you are interested in building a long relationship with one or more manufacturers, you need to make sure there is a good strategic fit. Take the time to research the manufacturer’s reputation in the industry by talking to other customers and suppliers.
  • Mold Material – With more than a dozen unique types of plastics, you want to work with a manufacturing company that uses the best. In fact, ask about the plastic injection molding material properties and then do further research on your own. The quality of the finished part, component, or product will depend heavily on the quality of plastic used in the molding injection process. Let the company know what your finished product will be used for to make sure it uses the appropriate material.
  • Production Capabilities – You need to understand the manufacturer’s capabilities if your company has significant requirements for production volume. Machines for injection molding run between 40 and 4,000 tons, with the larger machine being able to produce more units within a given period. Therefore, if you need a large volume of items molded within a specific deadline, be sure the manufacturer has the appropriate machinery.
  • Customized Services – Some injection molding manufacturers offer customized or expanded services, including one-time projects, such as a part design, mold design, prototyping, and so on. If this is something that you need, make sure the company offers this type of service.

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