RPM Industries LLC
Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer of Multiple Products

When it comes to plastic extrusions, one company in particular stands out. RPM Industries, LLC, is a plastic extrusion manufacturer, as well as a manufacturer of rubber and plastic injection molding and aluminum and rubber extrusions. RPM also specializes in materials selection, engineering, prototyping, and fabrication.

Years of industry experience coupled with top-of-the-line materials, machinery, and supplies gives you confidence in the finished product. As a respected plastic extrusion manufacturer, RPM uses melted plastic of one type or another, and forces it through a die to create the desired shape.

Finished Products

Here are a few examples of what this plastic extrusion manufacturer offers.

  • Hollow Tubing and Piping—Sewer and PVC water pipes are perfect examples of extruded plastic products. Hollow, plastic tubing is often small, and used for delicate operations such as carrying oxygen to a patient in Intensive Care or for drinking through a straw. On the other hand, hollow piping can be quite large. As in the case of sewer pipes, extruded plastic may be several feet in diameter.
  • Solid Shapes—A plastic extrusion manufacturer like RPM creates bar stock with a square, hexagonal, rectangular, or round shape. Solid shapes made by a plastic extrusion manufacturer end up as finished products like fencing, benches, decking, outdoor furniture, and more. In addition to being splinter proof, extruded plastic is weather proof, maintenance free, and in most cases, will outlast wooden products.
  • Film and Sheeting—Found in machine guards and window glazing, polycarbonate sheeting is something else used by plastic extrusion manufacturers. Along with being impact resistant, film and sheeting can be manufactured in different thicknesses. A plastic extrusion manufacturer like RPM also uses acrylic, extruding thin sheets for the replacement of glass. Clear plastic is often extruded for retail packaging, blister packs, and temporary food protection solutions.
  • Profile Shapes—For long, cross-sectional shapes, extruded plastic is the most preferred option. With this, the plastic extrusion manufacturer designs and develops all types of things, including trim for automobiles, windshield wiper blades, rain gutters, and more. Even vinyl siding on homes and businesses is made from extruded plastic. As with outdoor products, profile shapes made from extruded plastic are strong, maintenance free, and durable, even in harsh elements.