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Overcoming Challenges and Delusion of Plastic Extrusion

Going into 2018, plastic extrusion manufacturers could face a series of challenges. For them to continue providing customers with precision made parts and components at competitive prices, they will need to overcome some of the obstacles in their way. At the same time, customers need to be realistic about what the extrusion process can accomplish.


Manufacturer Challenges

The most significant challenge that both standard and custom plastic extruders should prepare for is the influx of new business. Because so many industries rely on plastic extruded parts and components and with even more coming on board, manufacturing companies will be busier than ever. While this is good news, at the same time, it could tax manufacturers if they’re not ready.


Today, all kinds of industries, including construction, automotive, medical, aerospace, and others rely on precision parts and components made using the extrusion process. However, along with an increase in current demand, experts anticipate a dramatic rise among other industries.


Part of it has to do with a stabilized economy. Because of that, cities are rebuilding infrastructures, construction companies are building more homes and businesses, and the medical field has experienced tremendous advances.


Customer Delusions

Along with the challenges that extruders could face is that fact that some customers believe that this process is the only solution they need. Although the extrusion process is responsible for a broad range of products, including window frames, fencing, deck railings, piping and tubing, wire insulation, and more, it is a specific method, meaning customers may need to rely on a different manufacturing process for other products.


Another delusion is that every order comes out perfectly. Although the high-tech extrusion machines that top manufacturing companies use produce stellar results, it takes the right machine and the eagle eye of an experienced and trained operator to identify and correct defects.


For more complex products, experts recommend rapid prototyping. That way, a prototype of the desired product gets made before mass producing. That allows for critical changes, thereby saving the customer money but also preventing a delay in the production of the product.


Relying on a Reputable Company

While there are plenty of plastic extrusion companies in existence, not all perform at the same level. Therefore, it is essential that you select the one extrusion manufacturer that best meets your needs. As a result, you will end up with a precision part or component that meets your specifications.