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What to Look for in Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

Choosing the right aluminum extrusion manufacturers is important. By identifying at least three custom aluminum extrusion companies, you can conduct research and then narrow your choice down to the one company that best matches your needs. You should also consider aluminum distributors who sell the manufactured product. Just as choosing a manufacturing company, choosing the right distributor is critical.

In your search for a top manufacturer of aluminum extrusion parts and components, there are several key factors.

  • Experience – The number 1 priority in choosing a company is to go with one that has a lot of industry experience. Only through years of work can a manufacturer learn from mistakes and develop strategic solutions. Therefore, make sure the company you choose can offer the level of experience that you need.
  • Expertise – You also need to identify a company that specializes in aluminum extruded parts and components. That does not mean the manufacturer does not work with other materials, such as plastic, just that it has expertise specific to aluminum.
  • Machinery – Unless the extruded machines are top quality, producing superior products would be difficult. For that reason, any custom aluminum extrusion companies on your short list should use only the best machinery available.
  • Production Runs – Although most extruded aluminum manufacturing companies are capable of short and long production runs, not all have the necessary setup and workforce. As you go through the process of selecting the right company, be sure its experts can handle the production run that you need.
  • Delivery – Any company can make promises, but the one you choose should have a history of following through. That means your prototype or finished product should be delivered to you on the promised date.
  • Pricing – While perhaps not the most critical of all considerations, what you pay for quality extruded parts should be a consideration. Obviously, you want a company that offers competitive rates without compromising on quality.
  • Reputation – A manufacturing company’s reputation is another key factor. Spend time online looking at customer feedback, business comments, and various ratings. The information that you gather will speak volumes about the company’s reputation, good or bad.

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