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How Plastic Extrusions Work?

Whether you need to order a standard or custom product, it’s essential that you start by identifying the best plastic extrusion manufacturers. Just like with any business, not all organizations are equal. Look for plastic profile extrusion companies with years of experience, unparalleled expertise, and an amazing customer support team.

The custom plastic extrusions manufacturer that you ultimately select should also rely on high-tech machinery and use only superior-quality raw materials. With everything combined, you’ll end up with a finished part or component that meets your exact specifications and tight tolerances.

While not overly complicated, it’s not a bad idea to go over the details on how plastic extrusions work. Regardless if you’ve used plastic extrusion manufacturers for a long time or need help for the first time, take a few minutes to review some of the key elements of this fabrication process.

For starters, plastic profile extrusion companies use a variety of plastics. This material also comes in different forms, including powder, beads, sheets, and so on. Also referred to as “resin,” the machine heats the material to melt it. The now melted plastic goes through a filtering process to ensure uniformity. Next, the machine pushes it through a die. Only after the plastic cools does the operator deem the product finished.

For greater detail on how plastic extrusion works, keep reading.

  • Operators at plastic extrusion manufacturers begin the process by feeding the raw material into a hopper. At that same time, the individual adds any additives or colorants requested by the customer.
  • Going down the feed throat, the material flows from the hopper into the extruder. The feed throat is what dispenses the plastic onto a large rotating screw inside a horizontal barrel.
  • As the material passes through the barrel and on to the screw, it heats up to the point of melting. Once the plastic reaches the end of the screw, it has a gooey consistency and is completely mixed.
  • Next, the extruded plastic moves across a screen and breaker plate. While the screen eliminates any inconsistency and removes contaminants, the breaker plate switches the way the plastic moves – from rotational to longitudinal. At that point, the material is ready to feed into the die, which determines the part’s size and shape.
  • The die also ensures the resin flows evenly and smoothly from the extruder’s cylindrical profile to the final stage of shaping.

When you do business with a reputable custom plastic extrusions manufacturer like RPM Industries, you can rely on a superior-quality finished product. Whether you need electrical covers, fencing, window coverings, piping, or some other type of consumer or industrial part, we can help. As one of the most trusted plastic extrusion manufacturers and with 75 plus years of experience, you can relax knowing your project is in our capable hands. To learn more or discuss your needs, give us a call.