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How Plastic Extrusion Manufacturers Work: Find Out Here

If you have ever been curious as to how plastic extrusion manufacturers work or the extruder machine process that results in the finished product, you can find out by reading the information provided. You will also learn about different extruder machine uses and gain insight into a plastic extruder machine price


What Is the Extruder Machine Process?

As for the process itself, this starts with a raw material in the form of small plastic pellets. These pellets are then loaded into a hopper, melted, and then forced into molten plastic through a die by a rotating screw. Typically, the die is made of steel and in the shape of the desired finished product.


Extruder Machine Uses

Typically, high-volume production runs require a plastic extrusion machine. This machine melts down raw plastic material that forms into a continuous profile. Some examples of finished products include fencing, deck railing, outdoor furniture, park benches, plastic sheeting, wire insulation, weather stripping, and window frames. An extruder machine is used for other materials, as well, such as metal, concrete, ceramic, and so on. Regardless, the extruder machine forces the material through the die of the desired cross-section, which forms the finished product.


The Price of an Extruder Machine

The price for an extruder machine depends on the type of machinery. For instance, there are plastic extruders, rotogravure printing machines, slitter and rewinder machines, blown film plants, and adhesive coating machines. Other determining factors include features, brand name, and capabilities. While some extruder machines cost tens of thousands of dollars, others reach into the hundreds of thousands.


Even for manufacturers with high-volume production runs, the cost for an extruder machine may fall outside of the budget. In that case, they can turn to a company that offers this type of service, as well as others. For example, a reputable plastic extrusion manufacturer provides services for product design concepts, prototyping, engineering, material selection, and finished product.


Choosing the Best

As you begin comparing different manufacturers, you will see that while some are similar, others have much more to offer. That is the case with RPM Industries, an industry leader in the United States for manufacturing plastic, rubber, and aluminum extrusions and molding. You can visit our website to learn more about our company and the full line of services available or call us to speak with a company representative.