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How Custom Plastic Extrusions Can Add Beauty to Your Home

Most people think of industrial applications when hearing the term “custom plastic extrusions.” Although custom plastic extrusion companies do manufacture products for industrial businesses, they also make beautiful extruded products for the home. With unique plastic extrusion shapes, it becomes even easier to enhance your home’s aesthetics. If you are interested in beautifying your home, consider working a company that relies on a top-rated custom plastic extrusions manufacturer.

Examples of Plastic Extruded Products for the Home

  • Barrier Fence – If you want a boundary fence installed around your property, plastic extruded poles and various plastic extrusion shapes, including D-shaped, square, rectangular, and round, make it more visually pleasing.
  • Home Siding – In place of traditional siding, an expert can install high-quality extruded plastic siding. This process results in a two-dimensional form that makes the siding more attractive. Even the siding’s protection and insulation qualities improve.
  • Carpeting – You may not be aware that certain types of carpeting and flooring are created using the plastic extrusion process. This process creates an artificial turf yarn. When tufted and woven together, it looks great and is strong, durable, and long lasting


Key Benefits of Plastic Extruded Products

Now that you know that the plastic extrusion process can enhance the interior and exterior of the home, you need to consider some of the primary benefits that you will enjoy by using a product manufactured by a reputable company.

  • Multiple Colors – Products made with the plastic extrusion process can be colored. You have a broad range of options, starting with soft yellows up through rich browns and vibrant oranges.
  • Upgraded Appearance – When using extruded pieces on the exterior, your entire home looks upgraded. As an example, adding beautiful trim pieces around the garage will give your home a fresh look. Instead of using conventional wood moldings around your windows, which require sealing and pose a risk of decay and rot, you can have extruded plastic trim installed. Your windows will look new while the trim provides a better seal.
  • Decorative Applications – The plastic extrusion process is also used to make decorative pieces used on front doors, garage doors, kitchen cabinets, and other surfaces. Along with a significant improvement in how your home looks and the fact that this plastic is strong and durable, this process is more cost-efficient.

For outstanding plastic extruded products, RPM Industries is among the most trusted sources. We invite you to visit our website to learn about our company and services or call us to speak with a team expert.