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How Custom Aluminum Extrusions Benefit the Manufacturing Process

When it comes to manufacturing custom aluminum extrusions, customers demand efficiency and perfection. Regardless of the required extruded aluminum shapes, top manufacturers have a seamless process that speeds up delivery and reduces the cost of finished products. Using state-of-the-art machinery, reputable aluminum extrusion manufacturers give customers a significant advantage over the competition.


Think of making extrusions as forcing toothpaste out of a tube: With superior quality machinery, molten aluminum alloys push through a die in whatever shape the customer requires. Although manufacturers can extrude a variety of metals, aluminum ranks at the top of the list due to its incredible structural strength and ductility.


Because aluminum offers fantastic benefits, multiple industries rely on extruded parts and components. As for the process, the best aluminum extrusion manufacturers have more design options when customizing products which also makes production more cost-effective. Keep in mind that, even when tailoring a solution to a specific customer, at no time does the extrusion process compromise the finished product’s durability and strength.


Versatility is the primary reason that customized extruded parts and components made from aluminum benefit the manufacturing process. With an impressive range of attributes, aluminum products meet the demand of industries like automotive, aviation, medical, shipbuilding, construction, and thousands more.


Along with aluminum’s unparalleled strength and workability, there are additional advantages to this metal over others used for the extrusion process. Some examples include:

  • Conductivity – Aluminum offers excellent electrical and heat conductivity. Because this metal transfers heat efficiently, it is ideal for radiators, air conditioners, and condenser tubes used in the automotive industry. Manufacturers also extrude custom parts and components-thawing units for the pharmaceutical industry along with computer-cooling devices for the electronics industry.
  • Weight to Strength Ratio – When manufacturing things like automobiles, railroad cars, subway cars, and airplanes, aluminum-extruded parts and components are unbeatable. Customized products provide incredible strength, yet weight little, making them perfect for engine blocks, panels, transmission houses, cylinder heads, and chassis for automobiles.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Tailored extrusions even have a high level of resistance to corrosives. Because this metal resists rust, both the military and mining industries rely on extruded products made from this material.
  • Non-Magnetic – Due to its non-magnetic properties, manufacturers make aluminum extrusions for housing wires and coaxial cables.
  • Recyclability – The fact that an increasing number of companies follow eco-friendly processes, the interest in customized extrusions made from aluminum continue to rise.

The Bottom Line

By customizing aluminum extrusions, manufacturers can provide their customers with superior quality products, made faster and for less money. To get ahead of the competition, our team of experts at RPM Industries, Inc., can help. Please contact us today to learn how our extrusions will benefit your business.