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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Plastic Extrusions

Custom plastic extrusions are exactly as implied, customized parts and components made via the extrusion process. Although you can find a broad range of more standard type products from top plastic extrusions suppliers, if you need a unique solution, it is critical that you work with a company capable of designing and developing something specific for your business.

One thing you should know is people use custom plastic extrusions every day, often without realizing it. The various parts and components used for making computer keyboards, elements of a car’s dashboard, billboards, highway signs, structural components, and more, all come from the extrusion process.

This manufacturing method is highly advanced, making it possible for a custom plastic extrusions manufacturer to create even complex products. However, most people have no clue the plastic extrusion method dates back to the 18th century when in 1797, Joseph Branmah patented it. Experts used the extrusion process initially to make lead pipes, but today, there are virtually no limitations using metal, rubber, and plastic.

As far as the process itself, a custom plastic extrusions manufacturer starts with small pellets, chips, or balls made from various thermoplastics depending on the application. The beads of plastic go into a hopper. From there, a heated feeder melts them and forces them into a barrel, and then into a die, which represents the size and shape of the desired product. Once the plastic cools, it comes out from the mold.

You may not also realize that there are different types of extrusion forms. One of the most common is sheet extrusion, which produces products that come in a film or sheet. Tubing extrusion is another type in which plastic comes in a tube shape. The third, co-extrusion, is the process used when different plastics come from two sources with the goal of creating one form.

Because of the variables involved with making custom plastic extrusions, it is important that you turn to a trusted source. If you opt to work directly with a manufacturer as opposed to one of the best plastic extrusions suppliers, make sure it uses the highest quality raw materials available and state-of-the-art equipment. Those two things combined will make a dramatic difference in the finished product.

Because your needs could change, look at a manufacturer that uses different plastic materials, including PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, and others. Since each of these has unique characteristics, this gives you more options for the future.

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