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Distinct Benefits of Rubber Compression Molding

While you may know that there are advantages to using the compression molding process, you may not realize just how beneficial it is. As you will discover, there are several distinct reasons for using rubber compression molding to help grow your business.

  • Flexibility – Using a combination of a heated mold tool and clamping pressure, the compression molding process takes plastic resin and transforms it into the shape of the product ordered by the customer. After going through the heating and pressing process, a permanent chemical change occurs, thereby creating both standard and customized shaped products.
  • Versatility – Another benefit is that rubber compression is used to create a variety of finished products, including parts for machinery, door stops, gaskets, seals, and chair feet, among others. When relying on a top manufacturing company, the finished product meets high standards, meaning it is void of any rubber compression molding defects.
  • Repeatable – Not only is this process ideal for producing plastic prototypes, but it works perfectly for reproducing the same finished product multiple times. That means that you can have hundreds or thousands of the same plastic product manufactured.
  • Affordability – Compared to other processes, plastic molding is a more affordable option. The reason is that compression molding does not involve a transfer or injection cycle. Unlike other tools used for molding, there are fewer requirements for infrastructure, which keeps cost down. Affordability also comes from the fact that manufacturers can use a lower grade material as long as it can withstand enough heat and pressure.
  • Tooling Features – Compression molding used for making plastic products does not require sprues, gates, or runners. Because of that, the melted resin is not required to pass through anything before going into the mold cavity as seen with other production methods. As a result, there is less material waste, which also helps lower cost. Without going through sprues, gates, or runners, there is also less risk of imperfections that would cosmetically alter the appearance of the finished product.
  • Small and Large Parts – Along with smaller parts and components, compression molding is ideal for large products that require a lot of material for the manufacturing process. Since the resin material loads directly into the mold cavity, the only thing limiting the weight of the part or component is the tonnage and size of press required.

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