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Commercial Applications for Injected Molded Plastic

As you research different molded plastic manufacturers, you will discover that not all are equal. For injected molded plastic used in commercial applications, the experts follow a very specific injection molding process. That way, the prototype has few if any errors or defects and the finished product meets your strict criteria. A reputable manufacturer has the experience and expertise required to produce multiple products for a broad range of industries. Following are some examples commercial applications using this processing method.

  • Automotive Industry – Within this industry, plastics created with the injection mold process include dashboards, trims, and a host of other things.
  • Food and Beverage Industry – Among the different industries that rely on injection mold plastics, food and beverage ranks near the top of the list. Applications for this industry include packaging, bottle caps, and more.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries – This industry relies heavily on molded plastic products. Included are toothbrushes, hair combs, and other products.
  • Aerospace and Travel – For both of these industries, plastic products are critical. This process is used to manufacture various parts and components that help improve safety while reducing cost.

There are many additional applications for plastic injected molded products. Some of these include computer electronics, cable assemblies, model toys and cars, test specimens, and encapsulations, among many others. Virtually everywhere you look on any given day, you will see products made of plastic using the injection molding process.


Without high-tech machinery and experienced operators, millions of products that people rely on would not exist. For example, both the medical and dental sectors use small to medium-sized plastics for various components and parts. Some examples include flow sensor housings, disposable syringes, over-molded surgical and dental instruments, drug delivery devices, and so on. What makes this process unique for all industries and applications is that it can produce intricate detailing in high quantities.


Another interesting fact in relation to the medical and dental fields is that some of the top manufacturers now make products with micro features. In situations that require tolerances in the microns, this type of plastic injected molding is revolutionary.


For any plastic product made using the process of injection molding, we can help. RPM Industries is a trusted source regardless of the industry or application. Please give us a call or visit our website to learn about the different services that we offer.