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Commercial Applications of Injection Molded Plastic

When it comes to injection molded plastic, you will probably be surprised to learn just how far-reaching these products are. Millions of people use commercial injection molding products every day without realizing it. In fact, these products are a huge part of daily living. To better understand the incredible need for plastic injection products, consider some of the top commercial applications.


Examples of Applications

Following are some examples of applications thanks to highly respected plastic injection molding companies:

  • Automotive – For the auto industry, manufacturers use injection plastic to create molding, radio dials, dashboards, plastic cup holders, automatic door and window controls, and so on. Not only are injected parts and components used on the interior of vehicles, but on the exterior as well.
  • Food and Beverage – Plastic injection molding products for the food and beverage industry include drinking straws, lids, bottles, and so on.
  • Medical and Healthcare – Even the medical and healthcare industries rely on plastic products made via the injection molding process. Included are prescription medication bottles and lids, tubing for oxygen, plastic syringes, tools used for medical procedures and surgeries, and a host of others.
  • Electrical Components – Manufacturers make switches used on stoves, coffee makers, lighting fixtures, and more. In fact, entire electrical systems depend on plastic injection parts and components. Ultimately, these products are consistent and reliable.
  • Home Entertainment – Even CDs and DVDs are made using the injection molding process, as are their cases for storage.
  • Miscellaneous – Some of the additional commercial applications for injection molded plastic includes children’s toys, construction materials and supplies, plumbing pipe and tubing, plastic packaging, and the list goes on.


For the plastic injection molding process, manufacturers use raw materials such as elastomers, thermoplastics, and thermosets. Commonly referred to as resins or polymers, including phenolic and epoxy, more than 20,000 unique formulations exist for injecting into molds. As you can imagine, the right manufacturing company can create almost anything that customers need.


Not only is there a broad range of available materials, but the injection molding process is also ideal for prototypes and high production runs. Additional benefits include low labor costs, reduced material waste, repeatability of high tolerances, and virtually no finishing requirements.


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