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What Can Plastic Extrusion Manufacturers Do for You?

Have you ever wondered what plastic extrusion manufacturers do or how they can benefit your company? If so, the information provided will reveal some of the benefits that come from reputable plastic profile extrusion companies.


Plastic profile extrusion companies melt raw plastic that is then formed into a continuous profile to create things like weather stripping, deck railing, pipe or tubing, film and sheeting, wire insulation, a window frame, fencing, and so on. Whether using plastic extrusions as part of your business operations or in products that you sell to customers, achieving perfection is possible.


Top Reasons for Using an Extrusions Manufacturer

  • Versatility – Along with standard extrusions, a manufacturing company with years of industry experience can create a unique part or component. By choosing a custom plastic extrusions manufacturer, the extrusion will meet your exact specifications. In this case, the manufacturer uses special dies or develops new dies required to produce what you need.
  • High Production Rate – An extrusions manufacturer can also offer you a high production rate. Although the company can create prototypes, it also uses state-of-the-art machinery capable of big product runs without ever compromising on the quality of the finished product.
  • Reduced Costs – A top-rated extrusions manufacturer can also save you money. For instance, you will enjoy lower cost because this process handles high production rates. However, both production and maintenance costs are also less compared to other methods, meaning the manufacturer can pass those savings down to you as well.
  • Coextrusion Option – Typically, forming technologies do not include the coextrusion option, whereas this one does. What that means is that instead of a single-layer extrusion, the manufacturer uses two or more extruders. As a result, liquid molten plastic gets fed from two extruders, each going at a different speed and thickness while going into one extrusion head. From there, the machine forms the material into the desired shape. Using the coextrusion option, the manufacturer can create one product that meets unique functional requirements by incorporating different plastic materials.


For the best quality extruded plastic products available, you can always count on RPM Industries. We take pride in what we do, striving to surpass the customer’s expectations. As specialists in this field, you have the assurance needed that your finished product will meet the highest industry standards. You can learn about all of our available services by calling us or visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you as a valued customer.