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Extruded Aluminum Shapes

The Benefits of Using Extruded Aluminum Shapes

Extruded aluminum shapes offer multiple benefits, whether they are made using a conventional or custom aluminum extrusion process. As you will discover, the possibilities for aluminum shapes and sizes are impressive. What it comes down to is that numerous industries depend heavily on aluminum extrusion profiles for various applications.


With both the standard and custom aluminum extrusion process, the material is either pushed or pulled through a die with a cross-sectional pattern, which ensures the uniformity of the finished product. Along with plastic and rubber, aluminum is a common material.


Regardless if you need standard or customized aluminum extrusion profiles, every product is made to order. That means that with both processes, the manufacturer meets your exact specifications. Some examples of the most common shapes include:


  • Aluminum Angles – Both equal and unequal
  • Bars and Rods – Rectangular, square, and round, as well as rectangular with full round ends
  • Beams – Standard, tapered flange, and miscellaneous
  • Pipe and Tubing – Round, rectangular, square, split, and schedule
  • Channels – Standard and equal thickness
  • Tees and Zees – Standard and miscellaneous


Primary Benefits of the Various Aluminum Shapes and Sizes


You can enjoy a host of benefits by choosing extruded aluminum shapes for the extrusion process. As an example, aluminum is naturally corrosion and rust resistant. For that reason, it is the ideal material for structures used by the military, operations for the mining industry, and any other application that involves exposure to the elements.

Also, considering their light weight, aluminum extruded products are strong. For that reason, they are perfect for trucks, cars, boats, and planes, along with any load-bearing structures. Something else to consider is that aluminum extruded products are noncombustible, highly conductive, nonmagnetic, and 100 percent recyclable.


For some applications, aluminum extruded products work behind the scene. With others, they are visible, including docks, panels, stairways, pallets, gangways, railings, and more. Often referred to as T-Slot profiles because of the cross-sectional pattern in the die, the profiles have negative space that secures one individual length to another with T-Slot nuts and bolts.


Even when compared to welded steel, aluminum extruded profiles are easier to use and more cost effective. With these benefits coupled with flexibility and versatility, it is easy to see the tremendous advantages of using these profiles.


If you need superior extruded profiles made of aluminum, we can help. At RPM Industries, we manufacture the best plastic, rubber, and aluminum extrusions and moldings available. To learn about our full line of services, please visit our website or call us today.