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An Essential Checklist When Looking for Injection Molding Manufacturers

Before settling on just any manufacturer for your injection molding project, make sure you follow the provided checklist to ensure you hire the right company. When researching different injection molding manufacturers, the goal is to select the one that can meet your goals and expectations. As with any business, every plastic molding company has unique qualifications.


As part of the process of looking at several injection molding companies, keep the following things in mind.

  • Experience – Not to say that a newer company would do a poor job, but typically, the longer the history of a plastic molding company, the better the quality of the finished product. For that reason, look at companies that have experience specific to this manufacturing process.
  • Reputation – A manufacturer’s reputation is critical. You want a company you can trust and rely on to make your injected molded products. The goal is to hire a company that you can build a long-term relationship with so that every order surpasses your expectations. Having a partnership with the company goes a long way in getting the quality product you need promptly and for a price that fits the budget.
  • Education and Training – When you consider the vast number of plastics that injection molding companies use and the ongoing advances in material and processes, it is essential to select a manufacturer that consistently goes through education and training programs. Operators should have ongoing training for the machines used, especially when upgrading to something more sophisticated. In addition to ensuring a quality finished product, that keeps employees safe on the job.
  • Resins – For an injection molding company to produce a superior, finished product, the experts must have in-depth knowledge of the various resins; after all, every plastic has unique characteristics. Using the wrong material for a job could prove disastrous. That could easily delay the delivery of your product, thus costing you money. Whether offering injection molded parts and components of PVC, rigid ABS, low- or high-density polyethylene, PVDF, or something entirely different, you want to do business with a manufacturing company that has clear understanding of the plastic materials it uses.
  • Capabilities – Although your initial goal is to hire an injection molding company, consider one that performs a variety of services. For example, there might come a time when you need aluminum extruded parts and components: By working with one company that has multiple capabilities, you can expect to receive precision products, quickly and at an affordable price.


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