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Aluminum Extrusion: Reshaping the Metal Industry

Are you looking for ways to optimize your supply chain? If so, consider aluminum extruded parts and components. Increasingly, top aluminum extrusion manufacturers serve a broader range of industries for a variety of applications. For design, engineering, and manufacturing of quality finished metal profiles, extruded aluminum has become the preferred choice.

The combination of superior-quality raw material provided by reputable aluminum distributors, cutting-edge machinery, and incredibly skilled experts allows the best manufacturing companies to produce extruded parts and components. These profiles have transformed design and engineering, reduced the time to market, and lowered the cost of manufacturing, which are clear indicators that aluminum extrusions are reshaping the metal industry.

You can better understand the high customer demand placed on reputable aluminum extrusion companies by looking at the long list of benefits that extruded parts and components provide.

  • Lightweight – Compared to stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, and other heavy metals, aluminum is roughly one-third the weight. For the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries, the strength-to-weight of aluminum allows them to build lighter automobiles, airplanes, and space vehicles without compromising on quality and performance. By using less weight, fuel efficiency and propulsion improve, thereby saving these industries money.
  • Design Versatility – Unlike other metals, aluminum has virtually no design restraints. The best aluminum extrusion companies can shape and mold this material into almost anything. That broadens the number of industries and applications that can use extruded products in their manufacturing processes or as part of the products they make for their customers.
  • Cost Savings – Extruded products reduce cost in several ways. Even when manufacturing intricate or complex products, there is less tooling required for the aluminum extrusion process than for other methods. Also, just one extruded profile made from aluminum replaces rolled shapes riveted together. As a result, the extrusion process yields higher strength while at the same time eliminating the cost of joining. Further reducing cost is the fact that an extruded product eliminates the need for welded assemblies.
  • Customization – For today’s businesses to stay competitive, they have to either offer their customers unique products or those of outstanding quality. Thanks to the extrusion process using aluminum, they can accomplish both. Even for customized parts and components, the best manufacturing companies keep their costs low, which is then passed onto the customer.
  • Precision – Extruded parts and components made by a respected manufacturer from quality material provided by trusted aluminum distributors meet strict customer specifications and tight tolerances. When working with a top-rated manufacturing company, no job is too challenging. Ultimately, the customer ends up with a finished product that surpasses expectations.
  • Unbelievable Strength – Aluminum is strong enough for most applications, which is why so many different industries rely on the extruded process using this material.

Overall, aluminum extruded parts and components are a much better option for most industries and applications. With everything that this material and process offers, this technology is not just reshaping the metal industry but completely changing it.


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