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Advantages of Aluminum for the Medical Industry

Although multiple industries benefit from custom aluminum extrusions, they prove even more vital for the medical industry. When you consider all the machines, instruments, devices, and other things that doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics rely on to care for patients, it makes perfect sense why they depend so much on extruded aluminum shapes.

Yes, the medical industry also uses plastic products, but aluminum offers some distinct advantages. Today, the top aluminum extrusion manufacturers produce parts and components specific to the customer’s needs. Whether used as part of equipment for hospital or surgery rooms, for research, or as part of testing, or perhaps in conjunction with various furnishings, aluminum has become the preferred material.

One example, extruded aluminum shapes used to manufacture clamps for IV poles. While a relatively simple product, its strength and precision keep drip bags and various tubes firmly in place. A key advantage of using aluminum for this part is its cost-efficiency. Also, because the best aluminum extrusion manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment, the production process requires little time. For the medical industry, this and other parts save money and expedite their orders.

Another reason the medical industry chooses aluminum parts and components has to do with this material’s flexibility. With incredible versatility, manufacturers can produce simple products or those with intricate or complex designs. As a result, every sector associated with healthcare can have parts and components made with a high-quality raw material and precision finish.

Aluminum is also a readily available biocompatible material. Among all the different industries, medical requires clean and sterile equipment and tools. That means for aluminum extruded shapes, this material is ideal. Manufacturers use it to make all types of things, including disposable tools, stethoscopes, and much more. In fact, a manufacturer can apply a chem-film or anodized finish that makes the product compliant with current laws and regulations.

Keep in mind that as a lightweight, durable, and temperature resistant material, aluminum extruded manufacturers help keep the cost down on new medical devices. For companies working hard to launch new products, time is of the essence. As mentioned, the process of making aluminum extruded shapes is faster than with other materials, giving these businesses a significant advantage over their competition.

The bottom line is for both standard and custom aluminum extrusions, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits compared to other materials and processes. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for stainless-steel or plastic products within the medical industry, just that aluminum offers some unique benefits.

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