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7 Misconceptions That You Should Avoid When Looking for Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers

As you search for aluminum extrusion suppliers, be aware of certain misconceptions. Unfortunately, some people have confused these misconceptions as being fact, only to find themselves facing problems. With the information provided, you will have no problem finding qualified and reputable suppliers.


What Is Extruded Aluminum?

In simple terms, this is a type of metal extrusion process whereby aluminum alloy is transformed into objects that have a distinctive cross-sectional profile. These profiles are then used for a variety of applications. In other words, the metal extrusion process changes the physical characteristics of aluminum into something unique.


For instance RPM Industries offers T-slotted aluminum framing system profiles. As part of this T-slotted aluminum framing system RPM Industries extrudes T– slotted aluminum extrusion which is comprised of a system that uses extruded beams of 6005A-T5 aluminum alloy. These definitive cross-sections, or T-slots, become the foundation for the assembly technology of the profile.


Common Misconceptions

  • All Suppliers Are the Same. The truth is that every supplier is somewhat different. This is why conducting research to find the company that best serves your needs is so critical.
  • Experience Is Not That Important. Experience plays a huge role when it comes to extrusion suppliers. Your goal is to choose a company that has a solid history in this field.
  • All Extrusion Suppliers Have Broad Networks. While some suppliers do have strong connections with material suppliers, manufacturers, and other experts, not all do. You should focus on suppliers that have broad networks, as it will benefit you in the short and long term.
  • Suppliers Only Deal with Extruded Aluminum. There are suppliers that deal with nothing but aluminum alloys. However, if you have need for aluminum, plastic, and metal extruded parts or components, look for a supplier who deals with all three.
  • Suppliers Can Provide Any Shape of Extruded Aluminum. Although custom aluminum extrusions are available in many cases, some are not feasible. Therefore, if you need specific shapes, make sure the supplier can accommodate.
  • Prices Are the Same Across the Board for Suppliers. Some pricing stays relatively consistent, but each supplier is unique. When conducting research, you can make price comparisons at that time.
  • Suppliers Work with the Same Aluminum Alloys. Again, this is a misconception. With many different alloy options, it is important to ask different suppliers what grades they deal with.


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