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5 Trends Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers Will Focus on in 2018

Annually, plastic injection molding manufacturers see new trends emerge. They understand that to stay relevant, it is critical to adopt those that benefit their customers. Today, competition among injection molding companies is fierce. That means if you do business with a reputable manufacturer, you can expect superior quality standard and custom plastic injection molding products at a competitive price.


Of all businesses in recent years, experts agree that the molded plastic market has become one of the most vital and evolving markets. As materials, processes, machinery, and knowledge improves, top manufacturers can fabricate products that surpass the customer’s expectations. Below are five trends that the best injection molding companies are watching and adopting in 2018.

  • Automation – Virtually every industry now relies on automation, including injection plastic molding. However, robotics are becoming increasingly more advanced, making it possible for manufacturers to speed up processes, achieve better accuracy, and adapt when needed. For customers, that ensures a higher-quality finished product which, in turn, helps their businesses grow.
  • Sustainability – Over the past decade, many companies have begun to use environmentally friendly processes. Because of advanced engineering specific to standard and custom plastic injection molding products, manufacturers use between 20 and 50 percent less energy. In response to a growing number of companies looking to provide their customers with eco-friendly products, plastic injection companies need to provide sustainable solutions.
  • Nearshoring – Rather than have plastic parts and components manufactured offshore, nearshoring is in higher demand. While utilizing overseas companies is not a bad thing, nearshoring helps lower production costs. For one thing, shipping prices decrease dramatically, allowing manufacturing companies to save money, which they then pass down to their customers.
  • Precision – Improved precision is another trend seen by injection molding companies in 2018. Advances in engineering and better-skilled technicians make it possible to troubleshoot in real time. That combined with monitoring tools, mold flow analysis, and newly developed software gives manufacturers a competitive edge.
  • Conversion – Although there will always be a place for metal, especially aluminum, plastics are starting to take over. The reason is that resins are now incredibly strong, long-lasting, and resistant to heat, chemicals, and corrosion, while also having the perk of being lightweight. All that together will open new doors for the injection molding process.


Quality and Affordability

For superior quality injection molded products at a competitive price, turn to us at RPM Industries, Inc. Although we already maintain high standards, we look at emerging trends to determine those that will most benefit our customers. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.